In 2016 Nagoya University Technology Conference on Instrumental Analysis Holding Announcement

Executive Director Noriyuki Takeshita

 We are holding “Nagoya University Technology Conference on Instrumental Analysis” from Sep. 8th to Sep. 9th AY2016. It is greatly honor for us to invite the technical staffs who belong to Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, National University Corporation and Incorporated National College of Technology. Since this conference is a platform for the skills which have been developed in the duties to technically support research and education, the participants of the conference will be able to improve own skill and deepen exchanges through lively discussions.
 It is expected that the active interactions with the members of other institutions come to fruition by the participation of many people in this conference. We believe that it results in capacitating technical staffs for covering the wide field and developing research and education in higher education institutions.
 In our conference, we have two keywords “internationalization of technical staffs” and “sharing of facilities and equipment” for the special discussions. As Nagoya University deals positively with the two keywords, we would like to discuss about the subjects with the introductions of the efforts in other institutions.
 Recently, the environment surrounding technical staffs rapidly changes nationwide. Particularly, in the case of the research institute, internationalization of research system and improvement of the international competitiveness are significant subjects.
 In order to establish the appropriate technical support system in internationalized research institute, each technical staff shall learn high level skills on a wide field. We would be very grateful if you could have lively discussions, share the important information and bring that back to your organization. We are convinced that this conference leads to the improvement of technological capabilities for technical staffs.
 Our Technical center is preparing with every effort now to let “Technology Conference on Instrumental Analysis in AY2016” succeed.
 Thank you in advance for the participation and cooperation of many people.
 We sincerely hope that all participants share valuable time.

We are going to hold Nagoya University Technology Conference on Instrumental Analysis in AY2016

Technical Director Toshiro Matsumura

 The Technical Center of Nagoya University has prepared for the AY2016 Technology Conference on Instrumental Analysis. We have planned a lively program of technical research presentations and exchanges of views so that instrumental analysis technologies can be discussed in a free and open-minded manner at the Conference.

 We hope that many technical staff affiliated with the Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, National University Corporation and National Institute of Technology will participate in this conference, to be held in Nagoya.
 As a world-class research university which actively promotes innovative international research and educational projects, Nagoya University has been striving to create new values that can change the world, developing young leaders, boosting internationalization and industry-academia collaboration, and building an extended network in Asia. The roles of technical specialists who provide expert services are essential to the success of these endeavors and initiatives, particularly with the increased importance of the knowledge and techniques of instrumental analysis. In our effort to support world-leading research, we think that technical support of instrumental analysis also needs to be internationalized, and it is upon this basis that we are organizing the Conference.
 We are looking forward to your participation and cooperation.

On September 8-9, we will hold a Nagoya University Technology Conference on Instrumental Analysis

Chairman of the Executive Committee Noriharu Takada

 It is our pleasure to announce that a Technology Conference on Instrumental Analysis for technical staff will be held at Nagoya University on September 8-9, 2016. We start the conference registration from the end of May. We are now working hard on preparations to ensure the conference is a huge success.

 We have planned meaningful interesting events for the Nagoya University Technology Conference, and we look forward to your participation.